Mr. Apiporn Pasawat
Independent Director and Member of the Audit Commitee
Date of First Election as Director
8 February 1995
Master’s Degree, Business Administration, Production Sector, University of Wisconsin, USA
Master’s Degree, Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, USA
Bachelor’s Degree, Chemical Engineering (Second Class Honors), Chulalongkorn University
Advanced Management Program (AMP), Harvard Business School, USA
Director Training
Director Accreditation Program (DAP) 39/2005, Thai Institute of Directors Association
Director/Executive Position in Listed Companies
Other Present Positions in Other Companies/Businesses/Organizations
Since 1995 Director, Bangkok Synthetics Co., Ltd.
Since 1996 Director, BST Elastomers Co., Ltd.
Since 1999 Director of Administration, Petroleum Institute of Thailand
Since 2007 Chairman of the Executive Committee and Director, Linde (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Since 2008 Advisor, CPB Equity Co., Ltd.
  Director, Government Pharmaceutical Organization-Merieux Biological Products Co.,Ltd (GPO-MBP)
Since 2009 Chairman of the Executive Committee and Director, Siam Bioscience Co., Ltd.
Since 2010 Chairman of the Executive Committee and Director, Apexella Co., Ltd.
Since 2011 Advisor, Siam Cement Foundation
Since 2014 President, Apsalagen Co., Ltd.
Since 2014 President, Wuttisak Clinic Intergroup Co., Ltd.
  President, Siam Snail, Co., Ltd.
Five-Year Past Working Experience and/or Important Positions
1999-2005 Managing Director, SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd.
2008-2013 Director, and Member of the Audit Committee, PAE (Thailand) Public Company Limited
2009-2013 Director, and Member of the Executive Committee, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited
2011-2015 Chairman, and Director, Nok Airlines Public Company Limited
Held personally: None
Held by spouse or minor children: None
Family relationship among Directors and Executives
Business connections or professional services provided to the parent company, a subsidiary, an associate company or juristic person which could result in a conflict of interests