We study possible impacts on safety and environment issues in advance in case that the following tasks are to be done: improving factories, enhancing manufacturing capability and designing new products and services. This practice will ensure that employees, communities, environment and involving parties will not be negatively affected.
We strictly stick to applicable laws and other regulations in relation to products, environment, occupational hygiene.
We control and manage risks including environmental impacts to prevent against accidents from work, fire, chemical leaks, occupational diseases and unsafe use of products. The aim is to enable good safety and health for employees, contractors, surrounding communities and consumers.
While constantly developing our organization to go for excellence, we have also initiated projects to promote among employees strong health, safe work, and good working conditions that eliminate the risks of occupational diseases. Throughout our five passing years, TPC has made campaigns for raising the awareness of health care and exercise. Our good care has also extended to our employees’ families for the ultimate sustainable goal.