TPC believes that the “personnel” are the most important factor driving our business to success as planned. Therefore, we put importance on improving our work process and the staff’s skills and knowledge and have adopted an “Open & Challenge” working culture, adhering to the values of SCG, namely Adherence to Fairness, Belief in the Value of the Individual, Dedication to Excellence and Concern for Social Responsibility.

Based on the personnel policy given above, TPC carries out personnel development in conjunction with creating a suitable environment for learning and encourages its people to seek knowledge so that it can establish itself as a knowledge-based organization on an international level.

Therefore, the personnel get to acquire new knowledge and experience through various development activities, including training, seminars, domestic and overseas study tours, job rotation, work transfer and work assignments in foreign countries. The company also has a knowledge management process that records and further develops organizational knowledge in order to achieve sustainable personnel development. In addition, internal activities are regularly organized to create inspiration and motivation for all the employees.

TPC Development Methods

As people are the most important factor for business success, TPC has adopted SCG’s personnel training methods, categorizing its development program into four areas.

Common Knowledge

This is knowledge that all personnel need to know, including Total Quality Management (TQM), Total Productivity Management, Safety Health Environment (SHE) and English language.

Individual Development Plan

This development plan is based on the individual needs of an employee, considering his or her work responsibilities and skills needed. It consists of specific development procedures and timeframe so that each employee can receive the most effective development.

Leadership and Development

This program aims to develop employees’ leadership so that they can meet business objectives and become good role models for others. It focuses on four skills, namely communication, mentoring, teamwork and change leadership.

Management Skill Development

This program provides business knowledge to supervisors and managers, consisting of management knowledge in production, marketing, finances and human resources. Some of the courses include:

Abridge Business Concept (ABC) for supervisors with 2-5 years of experience. It covers basic knowledge of SCG Chemical’s business.

Business Development Concept (BCD) for section managers. This program is equivalent to a mini-MBA program at a leading university.

Management Development Program (MDP) for division managers. The program is carried out by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.