For over 40 years of experiences in PVC industry, TPC has been a leading producer in Thailand’s PVC industry and among other countries in ASEAN.

Nowadays, polymers play its relevant role towards our everyday lives. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most versatile plastics with wide variety of end used applications i.e. packaging, articles, building and constructions. Its outstanding properties of being available in many rigid and flexible forms, both durable and light weight, clear or coloured, give designers opportunities that they would not have using any other material. This reason makes PVC to be acceptable as a part of modern living life and continuous improvement.

PVC is produced by the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), which obtained from the reaction between ethylene (crude oil refinery) and chlorine gas (electrolysis of rock salt). In this way, PVC is in a white powder form and it will blends with other ingredients

For every stage of the process, TPC has focused on improvement to ensure that it represents cleaner manufacturing

To begin with, high-purity salt is used in producing chlorine and caustic soda
  1. in order to eliminate waste sediments normally left over from processing. Next, VCM is produced from ethylene gas. The consumption of ethylene is reduced
  2. by feeding excess ethylene from the VMC Plant No.1 into VMC Plant No. 2 for reuse, and the installation of Heat Interchanger
  3. can reduce steam power consumption. Contaminants, whether liquid or gaseous, are collected and sent to Low-NOx burner
  4. for combustion. This improves air quality to acceptable standards before release into the atmosphere. The manufacture of PVC requires that the plastic be dried by hot blowers. Air released from the dryers must pass through Cyclone Dryer
  5. to recover PVC. Collected PVC can be recycled. After being cleansed of dust, the air is conveyed through Drying Scrubber
  6. Dried PVC powder is conveyed by pipe into a silo. Ventilating Air from the silo must pass through Bag Filter System
  7. before it can escape into the atmosphere.