TPC places emphasis on continued and consistent research and development. At present, we have combined our R&D activities at various locations to form the Research and Development Center (RDC), whose focus is to develop technology platforms and PVC technologies that improve our production capacity and generate new business opportunities. Knowledge and new tools, such as Voice of Customer (VOC) and Quality Function Deployment (QFD), are combined with the personnel’s skills and expertise with the aim to develop products that best respond to customer needs.

As an Asian PVC leader, we are dedicated to maintaining our leadership and increasing our competitiveness by developing new innovations and high value added products. Our production process is constantly improved to increase efficiency and better respond to customer needs and changes in the market. TPC’s research and development also focuses on PVC-related products that can add to our PVC value chain and expand the product line. This is achieved through teamwork and collaboration with external agencies, both locally and overseas, so as to increase our knowledge and ensure appropriate development. In addition, we also play a role in environmental conservation as we aim to develop products that are friendly both to the consumers and the environment.