Social Care and Development is one mission that "TPC" places emphasis on.We focus on conducting activities that benefit overall society. In any implementation, we stick to our corporate governance. We create and manage good creative projects with transparency in all processes and products. We minimize or eliminate social and environmental impacts with our best possible efforts.
We realize the importance of our personnel as valuable resources that represent our organization. Therefore, we support all employees to share and help the society. . They are encouraged to work to the best of their ability, share the results with colleagues and transfer value to the outsiders. They are all supported to think, work and propose activities in order to develop “volunteer spirit” in our organization.
TPC not only builds corporate culture that leads to sharing and social care, but we also support activities that benefit the public in terms of development, opportunities creation, and the promotion of education and knowledge for the youth. For the latter, to make the youth grow with great potential to succeed in their lives in the future, we give support by means of providing funds, developing learning sources, and promoting skills development both IQ and EQ. Besides, we promote and develop occupations in communities for their good quality of life and secure occupation. When people can live well, the society can live well, and we can live together well.